International Iaido and Jodo seminar 2020

сряда, януари 1, 2020

On 29-th of February and 1-st of March 2020 Sofia will host a two day Iaido and Jodo seminar under the direction of Rene van Amersfoort sensei (Nederland) – 8 dan Jodo Kyoshi and 7 dan Iaido Kyoshi and Karl Dannecker sensei (Germany) – 7 dan Jodo Renshi and 6 dan Iaido Renshi.. The event will take place at the „Overgas Arena“ sport hall in Mladost 2 district. The deadline for registration is 15.02.2020. For further information and inscription details please download the information from HERE or visit

За информация на български, моля посетете сайта на клуб „Шинбукан“ или изтеглете информацията от ТУК.